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4th-Jun-2007 06:50 pm - chuck icons
swim backwards swim forwards
chuck campbell icons, as promised! i plan on making more (especially of him in stargate: atlantis). i'm sorry this took so long! a friend and i are finally posting via email because she and i have been having SUCH problems posting due to whatever livejournal is going through right now...it's weird, because livejournal pages never load when i use one application, but they load through another, and i can't post through either one, but i can comment through the application that works...weird! i hope they get this problem sorted out soon. :) if others are having problems, go to the support/faq area and there is a bit about how to post via email. it's really nice to use, especially if you can't get on lj, but need a message posted!!

16 chuck campbell icons (along with many more of torri higginson [those were linked to from lizabeth_daily], joe flanigan, david nykl, jason momoa, and tricia helfer)

comment. credit llimkultra. absolutely no hotlinking. these are not bases! here at llimkultra

Also, I will make requests of Chuck. Comment here or at my icon journal with an image and whether or not you would like it to be shareable. If they are shareable, I will make sure to include them in my next post of Chuck icons!
30th-May-2007 04:47 pm - Pegasus 2 Photos
Kristofer Hivju
Just a bit of picspam :D Thanks to Bozo for letting all of us share these great Pegasus 2 photos. I'm going to use one over at the GateWorld game The Hotties of Stargate LOL!

The rest are here... (and include one of Chuck 'snogging' Dan Payne behind a photo, ROFL!)

Cheers Bozo! (Please credit him if you use :D )
30th-May-2007 02:01 am - icons and notes
swim backwards swim forwards
Hi there, Chuck fans! This is the first time I've posted here (my own post, I mean), but I adore Chuck. There was a contest recently of behind the scenes pictures over at sga_icontest, and I decided to make an icon of Mr. Campbell, just because he's so cool. And so I could post the icons here afterwards. I won 2nd place, actually, as well as Critic's Choice. :D Here's the version I entered as well as a textless (NOT a base) copy.

I'd really appriciate it if you do not hotlink! If you want to take either one (or both) please comment and credit. Credit should be paid to my icon journal: llimkultra, not agentcat47. Thank you very much!

I plan on making more Chuck icons soon, and when I do, I'll be sure to post them here, or a link to them at my icon journal. Not just one or two, I mean, I was planning on making a bunch. At least 15, I'm planning, so keep a look out if you want more! :)
Kristofer Hivju
firefly827347 over at GateWorld made this icon for me from a My Dog Vincent cap - I love it! Thanks to missyvortexdv  for those caps :D

I thought I'd share how I bought my Region 2 MyDog Vincent DVD from a Spanish online shop, LOL!

Details here...Collapse )

Also here are some lovely icons that everloyal  made me!

30th-Apr-2007 05:16 pm - fic: [annex]
keeping an eye on you

4g.l17.t2se.b (annex)
Chuck Campbell, McKay/Sheppard
Warnings: Once more, I hit PG only by mentioning bed-linens.
Takes place after The Siege part 3.
Length is around 3,600 words.

This is the prequel to my reel_sga story, 4g.l17.t2se.b (residential).

17th-Apr-2007 06:34 pm - 9 Chuck Campbell Icons
Hi there!

I bring 9 Chuck Campbell Icons!

Do not claim you made them
If you want to modify them, just ask!


16th-Apr-2007 07:07 pm - 2 Chuck Campbell Walls
Here are my two Wallpapers that I entered over at the competition at Chuck Campbell Online

Links here @ my journal
14th-Apr-2007 10:39 pm(no subject)
keeping an eye on you
three Chuck stories have been nominated in the Isis Awards for Stargate secondary 'ship fics!

The Chuck-centric nominees are:

The Deal by doylefan22, in the Elizabeth/other|episode-related category

If There's Such a Thing by katrin, in the other/other|romance/fluff category

4g.L17.T2se.b (Residential) by general_jinjur, in the other/other|alternate universe, other/other|angst/drama, and other/other|romance/fluff categories

See the awards site here, and go here for instructions on how to vote.

Yes, full disclosure, though it's kind of obvious - I am one of the writers nominated. I feel weird posting this. But! Chuck!
30th-Mar-2007 10:26 pm - fic rec! 'the wise girl'
keeping an eye on you
mirabile_dictu has written a really lovely Chuck-centric story. Tents and stars and dust and folktales, music and goats and long mountain climbs. It's gorgeous.

title: The Wise Girl
author: Mirabile Dictu
rating: PG-13
spoilers: no plot spoilers.

The Wise Girl.

20th-Mar-2007 02:17 am - Icons
Icons up for grabs!

No credit necessary
Use Modify Enjoy

BSG, Stargate CHUCK & Rome



Link to the rest at my journal :)
13th-Mar-2007 07:08 pm - New Chuck fanvid
Kristofer Hivju
Title: A Girl Like You
Artist: The Fratelli's - Whistle for the Choir
Spoilers: all the way to the end of season 3, really
Pairing/Character: Chuck and Elizabeth

Thanks to Central for hosting!
Right Click and Save -

A Girl Like You
13th-Mar-2007 06:57 pm - Wallpaper Competition
www.chuckcampbellonline is running a wallpaper making competition.

The winning entry will be included on the Media page of the website, with the possibility of another Chucktastic prize!

Entries to be Chuck-centric, and to be posted no later than 1st April to chuckcampbellonline@mail.com, preferably uploaded onto Photobucket or LJ with a link please.
11th-Mar-2007 11:09 pm - Fic: Harbour in Stormy Waters
dcu - ta da!
Title: Harbour in Stormy Waters
Author: aphelant
Rating: G
Warnings: mild angst
Spoilers: loosely for 'The Return Part 2'

Huge thanks goes out to my betas tesserae_ (who wanted more) and general_jinjur (who wanted everything).

Harbour in Stormy Waters
8th-Mar-2007 06:35 pm - Website Updates
I've updated Chuck's site, with more screencaps: Vengeance, Inferno and a couple more Sunday ones. Thanks to Fififolle for the Vengeance ones!!
7th-Mar-2007 10:56 pm - Updates to Official Site
I've updated Chuck's IMDB site, including photos and a link to the official site, and also done the same on Wiki, both on Chuck's own page and on the Atlantis and Tau'ri character pages.

If anyone does come over and visit Chuck's site can you go through the link on IMDB cos that way we get more hits and we go up on Google!!!

There is now a demo reel on the Media page which is well worth watching, and we also have links to buy all of Chuck's movies on the Media page. Most of them are really cheap on Amazon, and if you click on the links to buy them the site gets a percentage.

Talking of which, we also now have a Donations page if anybody's feeling rich :D

What I really came to say is that we are soon hoping to be able to offer SIGNED Chuck photos for sale!!! So keep your eyes on the site!
6th-Mar-2007 09:54 pm - New Awards: DiversiFICation Awards
Carson Rodney Seriously
The DiversiFICation Awards
Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction awards for rare slash and femme-slash pairings.

There are three major Stargate fanfiction award sets currently given out. The SG Fan Awards are inclusive, but typically the Atlantis rare-pairings are overshadowed by the sheer volume of McKay/Sheppard stories and their readers. The McShep awards are, obviously, restricted to the McKay/Sheppard pairing. The Isis Awards are limited to rare het pairings and accept no slash at all.

The DiversiFICation awards are to recognize achievement by slash and femme-slash authors whose work falls outside the scope of the latter two awards.

Come over to sgdiverse_award to see what we're about, then announce these awards to any group we haven't posted to that would have interested participants - whether on or off LiveJournal.

We're tweaking the final timeline, but right now nominations are set to open on March 15th. So round up your favorite fics and come participate in The DiversiFICation Awards.
4th-Mar-2007 01:37 pm - Chuck icon rec
I noticed a post on atlantis_icons that had a few Chuck icons included, hence I point to the post by 0xnatashax0 of her many multifandom Contest Icons including 3 Chuck ones. :D
1st-Mar-2007 11:12 pm - Secondary character ship awards
I noticed today that the Isis Awards (for SG het shipping) are back again this year with nominations open March 1st until March 22nd. Obviously this only applies to Chuck fic with het ship, but I figured it was still relevant enough to post, considering the secondary character love here.


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28th-Feb-2007 06:41 pm - In case you missed it...
Kristofer Hivju
For anyone who missed it, Chuck Campbell now has an official website!  w00t!

Come and say hello to Chuck in the guestbook, or ask him a question in the forum :D
The website gallery has Chuck's new publicity photo - highly recommended ;) - and tons of caps from Atlantis and other appearances.
Take a wander over, browse the forum and join in the Chuck!love :D
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