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Chuck fic round-up

We haven't had too many posts here recently. I thought it might be time for a round up of some Chuck fics that haven't been posted here yet. Thanks to sga_newsletter for providing much of this. Feel free to pimp anything I've missed here at the comm!

Missing Actor On Intergalactic Secret Mission - inkscribe - Chuck - gen - G

Stunned - kisahawklin - Chuck, Lorne - gen/pre-slash *g* - PG-13

Payback - missyvortexdv - Chuck - gen - T

Poetry in Motion - toft_froggy - Rodney/John/Teyla/Ronon/Lorne/Chuck/Zelenka/Biro/Simpson/Carter/Keller/Cadman \0/ - NC-17

Hurt - fififolle - Chuck/Kavanagh - slash - PG

Not To My Tastes - missyvortexdv - Kavanagh, Chuck - gen - PG-13

Gaijin - sam_gamgee - includes McKay/Chuck/Lorne - slash - NC-17

Silent Intruders - penguin13tcj - Beckett/McKay, Chuck/Lorne/Zelenka - slash - PG

Fantasy and Reality - freetodream5 - Chuck/Lorne - slash - FRM (16)

Crossovers -

All and Sundry - fififolle - slash - Primeval/SGA crossover - Lester/Connor/Chuck/Lorne - 18
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Chuck fic rec

Title: Saving The Galaxy
Author: not revealed yet
Rating: G (gen)
Spoilers: Set in Season One, somewhere between The Eye and The Gift.
Summary: For the technicians in the Atlantis control room, shifts are mostly routine. But sometimes they're not.

Go read! It's like reading an excerpt from canon! What happens when the A-Team leaves?
Kid Fate

Fic: Coffee by wingwyrm (PG13)

Title: Coffee
Author: wingwyrm
Beta: sardonicsmiley
French Translations: echelon_ga_l
Fandom: SG:A
Pairing: Evan Lorne/Chuck
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 539
Author Note: While making coffee for the morning, I thought about how Evan and Chuck dealt with mornings. And Chuck has ways. He’s the underground Kingpin of Atlantis, he has fingers in each and every piece of action going on. :) Also? Evan has a dirty mouth.
Previous stories:
Chuck! That’s French!
Uncle Davey

Chuck tastes good

New Fic - "If You Need Anything" - Chuck/Lorne (PG-13)

Title: If You Need Anything
Author: fififolle

Rating: PG-13

The Siege, Intruder, Runner
I do not own these characters. This is written for fun or something. I make no money, etc.
Intruder missing scenes and a Runner tag. Evan Lorne is assigned to Atlantis after the siege, and meets Chuck.
Author Notes:
Written for flubber2kool , who wanted this pairing. And who wouldn't? :D Many thanks to ailurophile6  for a great beta.

If You Need Anything