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There's No Need For A Name

Sgt. Chuck Campbell
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This is a community for those of us in the Stargate fandom who appreciate the work of Chuck Campbell. He may not have a name, but we love him anyway.

This LJ is under major construction, so BE NICE.

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Appropriate post can be anything from fic recs, to ones you've written yourself. Any kind of art, reflections on an episode, picspasms, screen caps, spottings or mentions of Chuck, whatev.

If you have more than three icons out them under a cut and leave a teaser. Anything larger than 500x300 try to put under a cut.

Don't worry about tags, I'll modify your post if I need to.

If you are posting a fic, please use the following format. As for slash, smut, spoilers and the like, anything goes, as long as you warn people.

AT LEAST include:

If anyone has suggestions for how to improve this community, for God's sakes tell me. I'm not a web designer, and if I was I'm still a student and have no time for any serious coding. And, yes, that was a subtle way of asking for help.